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  • D3000 Digital Readout

    Contact NowD3000 Digital Readout•D3000 digital readout Features: ●Cast aluminum alloy closure is adopted for D3000, which can effectively resist electromagnetic interference and protect electronic circuit to steadily operate with good heat dissipation effect and strong impact resistance. ●.World’s top chip components are...Read More

  • D5000 Digital Readout

    Contact NowD5000 Digital Readout•D5000 digital readout Features: ● Nonlinear compensation in Digital Readout can reach to 100 point per axis, thus to sharply improve measuring accuracy. ● 32-bit CPU computer technology is adopted, making the processing speed faster, more stable and function more powerful. ●Cast aluminum alloy...Read More

  • DP5000 Digital Readout

    Contact NowDP5000 Digital Readout•DP5000 digital readout Features: ● Split-type design is adopted. Digital Readout uses single signal line for transmission, which makes wiring more convenient and simple. The signal line between main machine and display can reach hundreds of meters, and still work stably without losing signal....Read More

  • D1OO Digital Readout

    Contact NowD1OO Digital Readout•D100 digital readout Product application: It is installed on straight line platforms of machine tools and works with grating linear scale to measure and position the machine tools. Features: ●Independent touch-button is adopted with long service life. ●High-light nixie tube is adopted to show...Read More

  • D6000 Digital Readout

    Contact NowD6000 Digital Readout•D6000 digital readout Features: ● A rotary encoder (0-360000 loops) can be connected to it, so the machine table can rotate 0-360 degrees. Widely applicable in boring mill, vertical lathe, and special purpose machine tool to show the rotating degree, thus ensuring the precision and increasing...Read More

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