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Digital Readout
  • D3000 Digital Readout

    Contact NowD3000 Digital Readout•D3000 digital readoutFeatures: ●Cast aluminum alloy closure is adopted for D3000, which can effectively resist electromagnetic interference and protect electronic circuit to steadily operate with gooRead More2015-12-25

  • D5000 Digital Readout

    Contact NowD5000 Digital Readout•D5000 digital readoutFeatures: ● Nonlinear compensation in Digital Readout can reach to 100 point per axis, thus to sharply improve measuring accuracy. ● 32-bit CPU computer technology is adopted, maRead More2015-12-25

  • DP5000 Digital Readout

    Contact NowDP5000 Digital Readout•DP5000 digital readoutFeatures: ● Split-type design is adopted. Digital Readout uses single signal line for transmission, which makes wiring more convenient and simple. The signal line between main mRead More2015-12-25

  • D1OO Digital Readout

    Contact NowD1OO Digital Readout•D100 digital readoutProduct application:It is installed on straight line platforms of machine tools and works with grating linear scale to measure and position the machine tools.Features:●IndependentRead More2015-12-25

  • D6000 Digital Readout

    Contact NowD6000 Digital Readout•D6000 digital readoutFeatures:● A rotary encoder (0-360000 loops) can be connected to it, so the machine table can rotate 0-360 degrees. Widely applicable in boring mill, vertical lathe, and specialRead More2015-12-25

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